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At Biloritz we offers quality, effective and efficient solutions that meet client’s specification. Specifically, BNL provides solutions in the following areas:

Marine Logistics

Biloritz Marine Services – including inspection, verification and auditing – ensure the effectiveness and safety of your marine supply and logistics chain. The expert advice of our experienced marine transportation teams allows you to focus on the key elements of your core business, while we investigate your marine operations.
  • Equipment, Rig and Vessel Transportation
  • Personnel and Manpower Mobility
  • Materials and Resources Transportation
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Engineering Procurement

With our team of qualified, dedicated and experienced personnel, coupled with our extensive combination of modern equipment and tools, we can provide services in the design, engineering, procurement and construction of structural steel works such as:
  • Structural Steel Building
  • Gantries & Cranes
  • Heli-Decks
  • Storage tans and Silos
  • Jetties
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Facility Development

  • Offshore Plateform & Riser Repair
  • Pipe Weighting, Coating and Double Jointing
  • Flow Line Removal and Installation
  • Pipeline Station and Facility Maintenance
  • Pipeline Rehabilitation
  • Pile and Plateform Fabrication
  • Module Design, Fabrication and Installation
  • Buoy and Load Arms
  • Tank Rehabilitation
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Dredging Works

Eregwe dredger is a 18”x18” recently bought and assembly in Nigeria. It has capacity pump 500 to 600 cubic of sand per hour on maximum capacity. The dredger was utilized at Ojumole recently by Chevron and it performed perfectly well.
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Equipment Leasing

At Biloritz we of modern fleet of equipment in the construction industry in Nigeria. And we are constantly striving to improve and modernise our fleet. From transportation, haulage, to earthmoving, heavy and light-duty equipment, drilling, excavation, sand mining, channelisation, stone/rock blasting, stone crushing, to finishing equipment such as concrete and asphalt paving, earth stabilisation, etc.,
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Civil Engineering

Biloritz provides design, material procurement and supply of skilled manpower and equipment to execute civil works associated with the installation of process, equipment and structural steel works.
  • Sub-Sea Facilities
  • Facility Operation
  • Pipeline and Manifold
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We produce positive results from ever-growing Industrial & manufacturing estates.

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