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We are Biloritz Nigeria Limited

Getting Bigger
By Building Better

Biloritz Nigeria Limited is a Nigerian Company that was established in 2001. Biloritz is primarily a solution driven company, focused on providing Marine Logistics, Engineering Procurement, Construction, Installation, Operation and Maintenance Services (MEPICON).
The company has grown rapidly by remaining and following a carefully designed plan. Biloritz rapid growth has been characterized by strong organization, comprising of seasoned Managers, Engineers and Craftmen with colossal professional experience.
Biloritz sustenance is in our willingness to accept responsibilities for delivering exceptional services as agreed budget, on time and specified quality in line with ISO 9001 quality system.


Biloritz Nigeria Limited is 100% indigenous company. Fully committed and in acceptance to complying with the development of local content of its business as part of contribution to the sustainability In particular.
With a well established Engineering Design office, Ultra Modern Fabrication Shop, Mechanical Electrical and Instrumentation Workshop, and Laydown, Biloritz Nigeria Limited being a MEPICOM Company is fully prepared and ready to undertake Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation, Operation, Maintenance and Marine Logistics works in the Power, Oil & Gas and Construction Industries.
Our services are delivered in line with ISO 9001 & 14001 and on schedule since we believe and work towards “Getting Bigger by Building Better”.

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The company management team has more than 100 years combined experiences in Engineering, Procurement and Construction of Power, Oil & Gas, Infrastructural projects.

Our company vision is to comply and deliver unequal services in the Oil & Gas Industries.

At Biloritz Nigeria Limited, our mission is to provide technology-driven value added services for the construction,
Oil & Gas Industries in Nigeria and West Africa At Biloritz.

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